Lindsey won't be making it to the meet-up tonight. Have fun tonight!
Hi all, Lindsey here.

As you may know, Seacoast Robotics has our December meet-up scheduled for tonight at Port City Makerspace. Rest assured, it's still going to happen. 

However, I won't be able to be there. I went on a business trip last week and came back with everyone's favorite souvenir.. a nasty cold. 

I know that it's just that time of year when these things go around, and as much as I really want to share Scaredy Cat, the Monster Sensor project and a few other cool things.. It's just not wise. I don't want any of you catching it, and I know that the best thing for me to do is to crawl back in bed with a big mug of tea. Otherwise, I'd just be going out and spreading it. (I should probably just be wearing this.)

If you haven't noticed, I've posted some information about how to create the Arduino circuit for the Monster Sensor, but I'll post the instructions on how to make one up here soon too. I highly encourage you to make one (or many) on your own and play around with them. They're super easy and use materials you probably already have around the house.

I'm really bummed to miss out tonight because it's a great project, but I've got some sleeping to do...



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