Lindsey reports:

So today is the day of the Robot Hacks Show & Tell, and I'm not sure if everything will come together quite in time. For the record, I'm totally fine with that and I'm pleased with the progress we have so far.

I'll be meeting up with Alex from Seacoast Makers today and I believe he's making a bot of his own.. so we may have a showdown on our hands!

As of right now, we've got the vibration motor mounted to the milk jug chassis, and it works! But we've still got some issues..
Current issues:
  • The capacitive sensor is acting wonky again. My guess is that having the motor circuit so close to the sensor is causing some kind of interference.
  • No luck so far with programming the motor to spin when the LED is triggered to turn on. It just spins at full speed all the time.. I can connect the motor directly to the LED circuit and it works perfectly fine, but I don't know if that's the best idea..? (Seems too easy.)

Any ideas?

- Lindsey


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