We found out about this awesome opportunity through MAKE to participate in their "Robot Hacks" series, where teams can apply to receive a kit of parts and make something cool. Check out the Robot Hacks community on Google+ to see what other teams are planning.

We put together a team with Alex of Seacoast Makers, and we just got an email that a kit is on its way.
Join us on Facebook and see how you can get involved.

Read Lindsey's thoughts after the jump..
Lindsey's thoughts:

This is a really exciting but super intimidating prospect for me, because it feels like I'm diving waaay into the deep end. Last week, I got a LilyTiny I've been starting to play around with it but my understanding of these things is still very much basic. 
Making a LilyTiny patch for use on different garments.
But you know what? I'm really excited for the opportunity to share this with our Seacoast Robotics community and get some experts involved. My highest expectation for myself is to learn TONS about robotics and Arduino. 

This project is a bit haphazard and last minute, so I'd like to focus on building something simple and fun. It would be great to make something interactive and kid-friendly.

Do you have any ideas? What have you made with an Arduino?

I'll be documenting our build up here as we make progress. Stay tuned over the next few weeks to see what we're up to!

- Lindsey

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