Just announced yesterday.. On February 21st, NH Tweet Up and the Music Hall Loft will be presenting their quarterly Digital Portsmouth series around a really great topic: The Art of Making.  

Presentations on the topic will be given by individuals associated with the UNH Inter-Operability Lab and Port City Makerspace, though details are still forthcoming.
Now, this isn't talking about making in a general sense, like you would make a sandwich. This is a bit more specific. This is Making with a capital-M, as it pertains to innovation and the creative force behind acts of Making. 

(Maybe I'm not being fair to the noble sandwich, because it was certainly innovative at one point in time. The first person to ever make a sandwich might have a bit to say on innovation..)

Anyway, you don't want to miss this event. Get more details and secure your spot over on their event page.

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